PostNatal Pilates course

Come and join my Postnatal Pilates exercise classes!

A gentle, low impact way to strengthen, stretch and de-stress your body.

Exercise with me live or at a time that suits you in the comfort of your home.

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October 22nd | 20:45 BST | Show in my timezone

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Postnatal Pilates Exercise Class


From Bumps to Mums....

Specialist Pilates class for pregnant or new mums

Safe tailored exercises that will help to strengthen, stretch and destress whatever stage of motherhood you are at.

Join the live class or watch a recording

I know life can be a bit unpredicatble so this gives you the choice to work out when it suits you; no more missed classes!

Gentle low impact excerise

Movements that are gentle to your body but incredibly effective helping to strengthen your back, core AND pelvic floor!

Improved posture and reduce common complaints.

The exercises will help to counteract the effects of pregnancy and new mum posture that can wreak havoc on your back and cause problems. A new found awareness of good posture and a conscious effort to correct it tends to happen! For pregnant mums it tends to help with swollen legs, cramp and heartburn as well as niggling backache too!

Destress with breathing and relaxation techniques

We will also learn the Pilates breathing technique that helps to calm and destress; this proved ever so popular in my hall classes in the past. Hopefully helping you drift off to sleep (even if only for a short while for those new mums!)

October 22nd
20:45 BST